About NIS

Nagaon International, an English medium co-educational institute is located North Haibargaon in the district of Nagaon (Assam). Students come here from different parts of Nagaon and enrich their lives in a environmental that... provides all round development. The school offers a rich mix of the traditional and the modern -the culture heritage of the former and the technological, pedagogic and creative advances of the latter.

The institute has a learning environment that is invigorating and unfolds the true potential of every child. The students thus excel not only the in academics, sports and co-curricular activities but also evolve as responsible and caring individuals. Moreover we instil in the students the right value and attitude to lead a fulfilling the balanced life. The school also gives utmost importance to developing a strong foundation through discipline, character building and traditional values.

Our Focus on


Enlightenment through academics


Empowerment through technology


Enrichment through creative and performance arts


Excellence in sports


Environment Consciousness


Empathy towards mankind

Vision and Mission

To import an integral education, that is global and all-comprehensive, based on a strong foundation of Indian tradition, culture and values.
NIS stand out for not only giving wings but also keeping the children grounded y inculating morals, ethics, values and respect for our rich culture.
At NIS, we believe education should wmpower children to live a balanced and happy life. We endeavors to build strong character that help students understand and appreciate the right values.
To mould the character of our students, and a groom them into balanced individuals, we work towards imparting that the World Health Organization describes as the nine major life skills:

1) Decision making 2) Problem solving
3) Critical thinking 4) Effective communication
5) Interpersonal relationships 6) Self awareness
7) Empathy 8) Self-esteem 9) Coping with stress

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